How do I know if mini dental implants are suitable for me?

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Dr Gerald Tan

"17 years of experience in dental implant surgery"

Thank you for your question about mini-implants. I get this question a lot at my practice and I am happy to share with you and other readers my views on the matter. 

The use of mini-implants has certainly been controversial.

The key to success for any mini-implant case starts with understanding its indications and contraindications and its pitfalls when indicated wrongly.

Latest scientific evidence concludes that Mini implants have limited applications, and should be considered only in certain cases. Here are some common examples when Mini Implants can be considered:

1. Supporting a removable denture

2. Replacing very small lower front teeth in adults , where the stress of the bite is low.

3. In certain orthodontic cases for anchorage, and only for period before they are removed.

Mini dental implants are not indicated to replace back molar teeth whereby the bite forces are high. Mini implants are too narrow and structurally not strong enough to withstand the stress of the bite in these areas.

In the dental industry, there have been whispers or rumours of a few dishonest dentists offering mini-implants for patients when they are clearly not appropriate, just to persuade patients to undergo treatment at a lower fee.

It is difficult for patients sometimes to discern regarding the appropriateness of mini-implant use, because professional opinions regarding mini-implants can vary from dentist to dentist.

Patients find the low fees very attractive, they get mini-implants done, and sometimes as soon as months later, the mini-implants fail.

Mini-implants have their place in modern dentistry, but it is imperative that the dentist knows when to recommend for their use, in order to achieve the best long term success for the patient.

This only comes with experience, training and an honest mindset.

In  your particular case, if you are looking to replace your back molar teeth, i would strongly recommend that you get conventional dental implants done instead of mini dental implants.

I hope you find the above information useful and dont forget to visit your trusted dentist for further advice if needed.

Kind Regards,

Dr Gerald Tan

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