How fast can one expect to see results after tattoo removal?

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Many patients are eager to see immediate results, but it is important for you to understand that the tattoo removal s a long drawn out process and it takes time. Patience is key!

Some factors that will affect how quickly your tattoo clears include:

  • Your body’s immune system (ability to breakdown the ink and repair itself)
  • Body placement of your tattoo
  • Type of ink colors
  • Amount of ink used
  • Is there it over an existing scar or a pre-existing tattoo
  • Whether or not you smoke

Technology also plays an important role in the rate of complete removal. A tattoo removal laser has the ability to transmit powerful laser pulses, which breaks down the ink particles. However, not all laser machines in the market are able to deliver the same results largely due to the power of the lasers used as well as the experience of the operators..

I personally use the PicoWay laser. The picosecond technology is able to deliver small bursts of laser energy that penetrates deep into the skin in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second). This ensures that there is minimal damage to the area outside of the treatment zone.

This also means that more pigment is burned up with each laser application and the pigments are broken up into much smaller fragments when compare to the Q-switched lasers. You will typically only see changes after you have at least a few sessions done. My PicoWay does significantly reduce the required number of sessions.

Dr Justin Boey

"Doctor with interest in Aesthetics and Lasers"

You should see visible results after full recovery from each tattoo removal laser session - including after your first session of pico laser tattoo removal.

With correct lasers and treatment settings, you should see good results after a few treatment sessions (minimum 3 sessions). 

These factors affect how fast your tattoo can be removed:

Location of your tattoo

Type of ink colors - Black is easiest to remove

Amount of ink used - Professional tattoos are harder to remove due to larger amount of tattoo ink used.

Skin type - its harder to remove tattoo if you have darker skin as lower laser settings are used to ensure safety.

I suggest that you use a Picosecond Laser for tattoo removal - it is proven to be more effective than Q-switched nanosecond lasers. There are several brands of good picosecond lasers for tattoo removal - PicoPlus, Picosure, Picoway, Discovery Pico. 

For more detailed information on tattoo removal - comparison, costs and results, check out this Guide to Tattoo Removal.

Hope that you see results soon!

Warmest regards,

Dr Justin Boey

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