How can I avoid microcystic chin acne in hot, humid weather?

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Acne can be triggered by a number of causes. Hot and humid weather can trigger acne, as can exposure to sunlight in some individuals.[1][2] Other factors that can trigger acne include stress and hormonal factors.[3] Diets that have a high glycaemic index and high dairy intake can also aggravate acne.[4]

To minimise the development of acne, it is important to minimize the triggers where possible. In hot and humid weather, there may be a tendency for oil to build up on and clogging of the pores and it is important to cleanse the face regularly to minimize this. Avoiding the sun and using a non comedongenic sunblock may also be helpful. 

I do find that the acne that occurs on the chin and around the mouth is often aggravated by hormonal factors and can vary with the menstrual cycle.

If the acne is persistent despite measures to avoid the triggers, topical and oral medications can be prescribed to help improve the control of your acne and you can see your doctor or dermatologist for further advise.



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The best proven strategy to prevent acne including chin acne is the regular use of prescription topical medication known as topical retinoids. This includes topical tretinoin e.g. retin-A, stieva A, retacnyl and topical adapalene e.g. differin. Such creams should be used even when no obvious acne is present. Topical retinoids act by unclogging the opening of the oil glands and preventing the formation of microcomedones which is the start of acne.
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