Is cataract surgery safe? Please recommend a good ophthalmologist for cataract surgery in Singapore?

Doctor's Answers (2)

Yes: cataract surgery is safe for renal patients.

Patients with the additional concern of diabetic macular edema (this is the most common and most important cause of visual decline in diabetic patients) needs more care in minimising the risk of worsening edema due to post surgery inflammation.

I routinely perform cataract surgery under topical anaesthesia (no injection around the eye) of eye drops alone, so this is an even safer option for renal patients. I would however suggest that your dad schedule his dialysis session the day before surgery though.

If he would like, we can have a more detailed discussion about his specific risks and tailor the discussion to optimise his surgical outcomes after a comprehensive ophthalmic examination.

Would appreciate if anyone can recommendation any good ophthalmologist / cataract surgeons for my dad. As one dxd writer wrote, you only get one stab at your eyes.

Your dad’s medical history is complex, which always increases the risk for any procedures. It’s therefore crucial to have a proper consult and comprehensive examination with an ophthalmologist.

I’d usually suggest for readers to do a little bit of their own research (ask around with friends/family etc), but I recognise that not every one has a friend/relative with an eye doctor contact.

There are plenty of good doctors, and I cannot name all of them here.