Is it possible for me to do LASIK if I have big eye nerves?

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Dr David Chan

"Ophthalmologist with over 20 years of experience"

Embarking on the journey towards laser vision correction can be one fraught with conflicting information and differences of opinion even amongst eye surgeons.

The criteria used to consider when a patient is suitable for LASIK are many. As with all forms of risk analysis, often the conclusion is made only when a multitude of factors converge to inform the surgeon if the patient sitting in front of him or her is a suitable candidate for LASIK.

Answering your specific question about “ big for a Chinese” eye nerves without the benefit of the results from the other tests could at worse give you a wrong opinion or at best cause to confuse your situation further.

What we do know is that LASIK’s associated side effects of dry eyes can be related to the increase likelihood of corneal nerves being affected by the creation of the corneal flap. What’s important is that a detailed assessment is made to exclude any pre-existing clinically significant dry eyes condition in the LASIK candidate.

Having had double eyelid surgery in and of itself does not preclude you from having LASIK. However, it is necessary for your eye surgeon to perform a detail assessment of the state of both your eyelids and your cornea, primarily to see if your lids close fully.

As with all communications with your doctor, ensure you fully understand what has been explained and if you don’t fully grasp what has been told to you, never shy from asking again.