Is Myobrace A1 Adult effective for straightening teeth?

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I wonder why you think it is safe for you to undertake Myobrace treatment without the professional guidance of a myobrace practitioner.  

Not all biting problems or crowded teeth are treatable using Myobrace. Yes Myobrace is a known modality but it is not the single solution and that is why you should seek professional advice from someone doing both conventional braces, Invisalign and Myobrace.

I'm personally a fervent supporter of myofunctional treatment, and treat a large range of ages of children with Myobrace. However for adults we find that there are limited indications for such treatment and will choose our cases cautiously.

It would be much better if you are able to come in for a full assessment of course.

It would not be a good idea to do this on your own.

.Wishing you all the best

Dr Samintharaj KUMAR

What’s essential to note is:

1) Most types of malocclusions/crowded teeth ARE NOT caused by myofunctional habits.

a. Malocclusions are most commonly caused due to an underlying skeletal discrepancy in your upper and lower jaws, or simply a lack of space to accommodate all you teeth. A piece of plastic to train your tongue is not going to change or correct any of that.

2) Myofunctional training MAY be for KIDs

a. Habits like thumbsucking, mouthbreathing and thrusting their tongue forward can cause the front teeth not to meet. In growing kids, early elimination of these habits will help encourage favourable growth. If you are an adult, I’m sorry. Your growing has stopped, and eliminating habits is unlikely to resolve your malocclusion spontaneously. Myofacial training is at best a COMPLEMENT to proper orthodontic treatment.

3) Expecting a prefabricated appliance to straighten your teeth is a tall order

a. Housing your teeth in a ‘soft and flexible’ tray is unlikely to correct rotations and in-out displacements. The flexible tray will not be able to exert the appropriate amount of force at the appropriate tooth in the appropriate direction to align your teeth. Furthermore, fitting your teeth in an appliance that’s not custom made to suit your teeth size, teeth arrangement, and your jaw isn’t going to be the most comfortable experience.

In summary, research has shown that there is very limited evidence supporting the effectiveness of these devices. Studies that attempt to prove otherwise have inherent bias, or are poorly designed.

If you would like to read more academic literature, you can consider these resources:

Homem et al 2014 Effectiveness of orofacial myofunctional therapy in orthodontic patients: A systematic review

Mason 2011 Myths that persist about orofacial myology.

Hope that helps with your decision!

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