Should I pop pimples with pus to avoid acne scars and larger pores?

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Most doctors would definitely advise you NOT TO POP PIMPLES to prevent leaving a scar/bigger pores!

Your pus-filled pimple holds oil, debris (dead skin cells etc), and acne-causing bacteria.

Squeezing your pimple causes all that gunk to land inside other pores, introducing more bacteria, which can lead to more breakouts. You may also force the debris and bacteria even deeper into your skin where it can cause greater damage.

Picking pimples also risks inadvertently damaging other skin tissues in the process, resulting in more inflammation, and increasing the risk of leaving a permanent scar.

I’d suggest letting the pimple heal by itself (3-7 days), or you could consider applying antibacterial medication like benzoyl peroxide or Clindamycin lotion (both of which you can buy from the pharmacy in Singapore without a prescription).

Applying a retinoic cream at night will also prevent new pimples from forming, and reduce the amount of PIH left behind by your pimple.


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