Should I wait until after braces treatment to treat my nasolabial lines? (photo)

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Thank you for your question. Although braces treatment would not have any impact on your nasolabial lines as the braces are bonded to the teeth and its influence is only on the teeth and its supporting bone, it may be good to assess the lip posture following removal of braces as there may be muscular adaptation following removal of braces which may change the lip posture.

The teeth position may also still be undergoing some further adjustments and though this will not affect the lip posture to a significant degree, it may still be helpful in the soft tissue assessment as soft tissue response can be quite variable.

I would recommend to wait until braces treatment is completed to assess your final lip posture before deciding to treat your nasolabial lines, but it will probably be helpful to see an aesthetic doctor for a consultation first.

Hope this helps. 

Warm regards,

Dr Priscilla Lu


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