How does my need to wear spectacles affect me post-threadlift or nose fillers?

Doctor's Answers (1)

This is an extremely common question I get from my patients after a nose procedure.

There is no absolute right answer as to when you can start wearing spectacles after nose dermal fillers or nose thread lift.

For nose thread lift, I generally allow my patients to wear spectacles unless there is serious bruising, swelling or discomfort post-procedure. If you would like to wear spectacles, do avoid wearing them for lengthy periods. I always advise my patients to alternate the use of contact lens and spectacles during their post-procedure recovery period.

As for nose dermal fillers, right after the procedure and for a week after, you will want to refrain from wearing heavy spectacles that will place weight on the fillers treated area. Fillers will need a few days to a week time to immobilise and settle in place.

Please discuss with your physician about your post-procedural care.