Can I have thread fillers or any other non-surgical way of making the tip of my nose pointy again?

Doctor's Answers (1)

Hi there,

A good non-surgical way of making your nose tip pointy again is via threadlift.

With a little entry point at the nose top, we can insert in short nose threads into the columnellar which struts up the columnellar, and projects your nose tip upwards and forwards, creating a sharper, more defined nose tip. (Please see the attached photo which I have illustrated )

An alternative is high G’ prime and lifting fillers like Ultradeep, Radiesse or Ellanse. However, they do not really create as nice a result as nose threads in my opinion for augmenting the nose tip nicely and precisely.

Do take note that nose threadlift of the nose tip is an extremely difficult procedure to perform, so please look for a doctor who is highly experienced in this. It is not uncommon for inexperienced threadlift doctors to insert the threads into the nasal cavities or into the oral cavity while performing a columnellar nose tip threadlift.

Hope that helps!

Best Regards,
Dr Isaac Wong