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What are effective treatments to remove fat under the chin? (photo)

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"Plastic Surgeon at AZATACA Plastic Surgery"

Thank you for your question and sharing your photo. 

There are many options for removing fat and sculpting the chin. They include facial massage, injections to dissolve fat, cryolipolysis, and liposuction. Some methods are effective whilst others may not be.

Cryolipolysis is a method of fat removal by freezing of the fat cells using the application of a handpiece to cool the tissue to sub-zero temperatures (between -11 to +5 °C). This is a non-invasive technique that allows localised reduction of fat deposits. One or more sessions may be required to get the desired outcomes. 

Liposuction is my preferred method for removal of fat in the submental area (chin) as it allows precise removal of the fat deposits along the jawline and can flatten the chin area. It is the quickest method with the most dramatic results without doubt. Some people call this micro-liposuction because of the small size of the special cannulas that are used so that the procedure is less traumatic and more precise. For small volume liposuction, the procedure can be done under locall anaesthesia. The procedure is relatively pain-free and quick and the results can be long-lasting if you can maintain a consistent weight. 

However, this procedure is not for everyone. Chin liposuction is a surgical procedure so it carries certain risks and recovery time. Good skin elasticity is essential to avoid sagging after the fat is removed. You will need to wear a chin strap after the procedure to reduce swelling. It does cost more than fat dissolution injections and cryolipolysis if you are comparing single treatments for each. However, most patients do rate this procedure to be more effective in achieving the desired results.

Hope this answers your question. 

Have a great week ahead!

Dr. Terence Goh

Plastic Surgeon | AZATACA Plastic Surgery

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