What are the pros and cons of AGNES treatment for acne and scarring? (photo)

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You have got several issues at the moment:

1) Active Acne
2) Post-inflammatory erythema (red spots)
3) Atrophic acne scars - ice pick, box, rolling

The AGNES provides a good option for active acne as:

1) It is a permanent way of destroying the over-active sebaceous gland 
2) Is a good alternative to other forms of permanent acne management in patients who are not keen or fit for it, such as oral isotretinoin

It should, however, be used together with other measures to control you skin's overall climate.

It has limitations in acne management in that 

1) Several treatment sessions might be required
2) Requires a form of topical anaesthesia
3) Has downtime of several days 
4) Can take quite a while to perform if you have many areas to treat

For scarring, AGNES can help with ice pick scars well as

1) it can penetrate to the depth of the scar to deliver heat
2) Has a partially insulated tip to prevent unwanted heat damage to the overlying skin 
3) Which therefore produces less side effects than alternatives such as TCA Cross

Limitations are as above, and include the fact that scar treatment will require multiple modalities - you will require laser resurfacing after management of the deep scars with AGNES, for example.

There is a multitude of treatments and the breadth of options can confuse many. We often have certain ways of ascertaining what would work best, be it medically or socially, for each patient. A good thorough conversation will help both parties - patient and doctor - come to a treatment plan to suit your goals.

Dr Shane Abucewicz Tan

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