What can I do as a young adult with 11 missing adult teeth due to remaining baby teeth?

Doctor's Answers (1)

It must be troubling to know that you have multiple missing teeth. Multiple missing teeth will require a interdisciplinary team approach involving both orthodontist and restorative dentist to manage your condition. A proper clinical assessment together with X-rays are needed to determine the best suitable treatment plan for you.

As an orthodontist, we will assess your condition and may possibly reduce the number of teeth needed to be replaced by orthodontic tooth movement through braces or Invisalign, or redistribute the spaces to make restoration of teeth easier for the restorative dentist.

The restorative dentist can then replace your missing teeth through implants, bridges or dentures.

Do not hesitate to consult an orthodontist regarding your condition.

Warmest regards,

Dr Enrica Sham