What is the best acne scar treatment for pitted scars? (photo)

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Dr Stephanie Ho

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From your photo, you have several depressed box and pitted scars on the cheek. In my opinion, the best option would be to treat with an aggressive fractional CO2 laser to induce formation of new collagen and improve appearance of the skin.

This can also be combined with subcision or punch excision of the individual scars before laser. It usually gives 50-70% improvement after 5 monthly treatments. Most patients will be pink for 5-7 days after treatment.  

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Dr Stephanie Ho, Dermatologist

From your photos, you do have a combination of different types of scars which is not uncommon in acne scar patients.  

The types of acne scars you have are Ice pick scars, Box car scars and Rolling scars.

Different scars do require different treatment modalities as there is no one size fits all treatment that will target all those scars with the same efficacy.

Personally, I would consider TCA CROSS, Subscision, CO2 lasers and Fillers in treating your type of scars. 

Treating acne scars is a process and multiple sessions will be required for continued improvement of these scars.  Improvement will be seen with each session but is dependent on appropriate treatment administered and expertise/ experience of the treating physician.  

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