What is the best method to avoid a frozen look after Botox treatment in Singapore?

Doctor's Answers (3)

Do inform your doctor that you want a low dose of Botox to still have natural looking expressions. It’s safer to be conservative and add on in 2 weeks’ time than to go aggressive doses from the get go. The Botulinium Toxin lasts for 4-6 months once it’s injected in.

you can ask for micro-botox which is a technique that uses finer amounts of botox around delicate areas, such as the eyes and forehead. The “frozen” look can be easily avoided when performed by an experienced doctor.

Tip: Ask the doctor how many times he has performed a botox procedure. An experienced doctor does several botox procedures each day.

Hope that helps.

Doing a conservative dosage near the eyes and taking precautions to avoid being too near the eye brows (so that less risk of droopiness) is what I practice.

Reviewing them in 2 weeks and then doing a quick add-on has served me well through my career and that would be what I recommend.