What is the purpose of Invisalign attachment-like bumps behind teeth?

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Many Invisalign patients have attachments on their teeth to allow extra grip for the aligners and to help the teeth move better. These attachments are in the form of a tooth-coloured dental bonding material that are cemented on the teeth, and may come in various shapes (rectangular, round, etc). Where these attachments are placed would depend on their purpose and the type of tooth movement your orthodontist would like to achieve.

All of my Invisalign patients have attachments, some more than others, so not to worry. They are usually small in size and rarely cause discomfort. If t your orthodontist will be able to smoothen or trim it down for you.

Hope this helps, all the best for your Invisalign treatment.

Most attachments are placed on the outside surfaces of the teeth and the inside of the upper front teeth (to make it invisible when you smile).

You mentioned that your attachments are on the inside of the lower front teeth. This sometimes needs to be carried out for more specific reasons such as correcting your bite or jumping a bite.

The best person to clarify this is with your Invisalign provider. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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