What should I do after a cystic acne flattens out? How do I know if it is completely gone?

Doctor's Answers (1)

Thank you for your question. A skin cyst or nodule is classified based on the content of the lesion.

If you don’t have acne on your face or back, it is less likely the 2 cysts are cystic acne.

From what you have described earlier, the remaining cyst content is soft, and doesn’t resolve after 2 months.

My top suspicion would be an epidermal cyst. Epidermal cysts are benign and often found on the trunk, head and neck. They contain smelly sebaceous and keratin materials, and can cause acute inflammation when they are irritated.

Regardless of the cyst content, 2 things you can do now.

  1. If the residual cyst is small —> Wait and see. Take antibiotics, and wait for it to go away (less likely), or wait for the cyst to burst.
  2. If the residual cyst is big —>Take it out. Some GPs do lumps and bumps excision. They will refer you to hospital if they are unable to excise it.

Hope this helps!

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