Who is most at risk of heart disease in Singapore, and when does one need to see a cardiologist?

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There are 3 main categories of Singaporeans whom are most at risk for heart disease:

1. Strong family history of heart disease

You will have an increased risk of heart attacks if your parents or siblings have cardiovascular disease, even if you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 

Consequently, you should be screened regularly for risk factors if you belong to this group.

A heart specialist will be able to order tests and set up a treatment plan (which includes lifestyle modifications and potentially medications) which can reduce your risk for heart attacks. 

2. Significant cholesterol disorders

Singaporeans in this group often have extremely high cholesterol that can’t be lowered by lifestyle or diet changes alone. 

Your low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or bad cholesterol) level should be lower than 100. 

3. Multiple risk factors

Other key risk factors for heart disease include:

  • BMI: High BMIs are linked to increased risk for heart disease.
  • High blood pressure: A reading of 140/90 is considered high, and increases your risks of heart disease.
  • High blood sugar: Many Singaporeans have diabetes - it's one of the most important risk factors for heart disease.
  • Waist circumference: The “normal” measurements are less than 90 cm for women and less than 80 cm for men.

If you test on the high side for any of these numbers, you may benefit from seeing a cardiologist.

When you have multiple risk factors, it makes preventing and controlling heart disease all the more complicated.

A heart doctor will be able to formulate, and help you stick to a plan to improve your heart health.

One of the key ways we do this is by monitoring your heart health numbers, helping you understand what t and giving you the right tools to meet your goals.

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