Will cataract surgery improve my night vision?

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Poor night vision can be brought about by either cataracts or retinal problems! If you have not already seen an eye doctor, you should see one to get checked for whether any cataract or retinal condition is present. A useful clue would be ask if any of your family members also have poor night vision. If it seems that your parents or siblings also have poor night vision, it could indicate a hereditary retinal condition. 

If your retina is all healthy and you are suffering from an increasing cataract, then yes, cataract surgery will most definitely improve your night vision. In fact, alot of my patients with cataracts come in complaining of poor night time vision and difficulty seeing when the lighting is dim. This is because, as cataracts progress, they change colour and tend to get darker (from green to yellow to brown to black). So the more advanced your cataract, the darker everything will appear. Once the cataract is removed and replaced with a clear intraocular lens, all my patients experience the return of vibrant colors and drastic improvement in their night vision!

Did you know that the famous artist Monet suffered from cataracts at the end of his life? That is why if you observe the trend in his impressionistic paintings of the scenery around him, you will be able to note that he chose cooler colors like blue and green early on in life and as the years progressed, he painted with warmer colors like red and yellow. That is how he saw the world through his cataracts. Interesting story!  

Hope that helps!

Dr Claudine Pang

D2D. If your poor night vision is due to a dense or mature cataract, your night vision will certainly be improved after cataract surgery. 

However, if you have already been experiencing poor night vision even before the development of cataracts, then your poor night vision may be due to a problem in your retinal as opposed to the cataract. For cases of this nature, cataract surgery will NOT be able to improve your night vision.

Hope this helps!

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