Will Rejuran further improve my skin if it is already in good condition?

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Yes. Rejuran will further improve your skin if it's already in good condition.

Rejuran Healer is a salmon DNA-based polyneucleotide filler, or loosely put, a DNA filler. These polynucleotides repairs damaged dermal cells, gradually improving the general appearance and condition of your skin, keeping your skin young and healthy.

Rejuran Healer is a very effective anti-aging treatment. It activates the self- repair and self-regeneration ability of the skin, restoring the health of the epidermis and dermis. It is unlike hyaluronic acid based skin boosters which mainly keep the dermis moisturized for a longer time. 

Some of the main benefits of Rejuran Healer includes:

- Improved appearance of acne scars

- Skin lifting effect

- Skin brightening

- Improved elasticity, turgidity and tonicity of skin

- Balance control – skin oil and moisture

Hope the information above helps. 

Yes, when there is excessive hype over one single product, it is correct to be cautious. In my personal practice, I don't make something a problem unless the patient agrees its a problem.

If your skin is in fairly good condition with minimal issues, seek discussion with your doctor pertaining to what can be improved with the use of Rejuran or generic PDRN.

In my practice, these are the things i use PDRN for

- Pores. I find that it does improve the appearance of the pores. but this would take 2-3 sessions and best combined with a mild fractional laser.

- Eczema. Patients with localised eczema I find that the use of Rejuran helps reduce the itch and symptoms

- pigmentation. I use it on localised areas of pigmentation especially in sun spots and melasma.

I have tried it for some acne scar patients, but I don't find it particularly effective as of now. Perhaps when I treat more patients with Rejuran (for acne scars), i might be more convinced. 

But honestly, there's only one way to find out if it will bear good results for you! Try Rejuran one time and judge for yourself .


Hi Yi ting,

Rejuran is a skin rejuvenation treatment. Skin rejuvenation treatment ALWAYS takes time to produce results. You will not expect to see significant improvement right after rejuran treatment. The correct expectation should be a progressive improvement to your skin over a period of time.

If you skin is already in fairly good condition, you can still undergo rejuran treatment for maintenance and as a preventative treatment.  

Just remember that no skin treatment is magical. It takes time and patience.


Dr Sii Sik Liong

Hi Yu Ting,

Rejuran is an injectable anti-aging product which is approved to be used in Singapore. It has many rejuvenation properties including skin tightening, improving the appearance of wrinkle, pores, and acne scars. Most people would see some skin tightening especially over the cheeks and around the eyes after three treatments, done two to four weeks apart.

My recommendation is to go for treatment only if there are issues which merit attention. If you feel your skin condition is good enough already, perhaps you may want to look at some other treatments.


Dr. Terence Tan

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