Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye circles are a concern to many people people as they can make you look tired and lethargic. Uder the eyes, they may look blue/purple to dark brown or black, depending on the severity and your skin color.

The Ultimate Guide to Eye Bag Removal in Singapore (2021)
Eye bags are generally a non-dangerous aesthetic concern for most people. However, you may feel that your eye bags give you a tired look constantly. Sometimes, they may even itch and be irritating, which leads people to look for ‘eye bag removal’ in Singapore. But what if you are scared of a knife? Don’t worry. Whether your reasons for treatment are cosmetic or medical, there are non-surgical ways to treat your eye bags. Below, I talk about some of these non-surgical methods in this article.
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The only kind of bag you wouldn’t want: Top 5 non-invasive ways to get rid of Eyebags
As we age, collagen production slows down and everything starts to sag and become droopy. Our tissue structures and muscles weaken — and this applies to our eyes too! When the membrane holding up the eye fat pads weakens, the fat drops down and this leads to eye bags. Other contributing factors could also be due to fluid retention, late nights, sun exposure, smoking or genetic predisposition. Eye bags are generally harmless and rarely a cause for concern, but we don’t always like them. Sometimes a cold compress or eye cream just doesn’t cut it. Lucky for us, advancements in technology have brought about ways to get rid of eye bags without having to go under the knife. Curious about your options? Aesthetic Medicine expert, Dr Chew Khek Kah, gives us insight on his top picks of 5 non-surgical ways to get rid of eyebags. 
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