Dark Eye Circles

Dark circles trouble so many people, even in their youth. What most do not realise is that dark circles can be a result of many different underlying causes or even multiple causes in an individual. Hence, the treatment requirements (to target... Read Full Answer
Dark eye circles are a common concern among many of my patients, and sometimes they can be confused with eye bags.  Eye bags appear as swelling/ puffiness under the eyes. These are more common as we age, as the muscles and skin that normally... Read Full Answer
When there is only mild to moderate dark eye circles or "eye bags", we can perform dermal fillers with a blunt-tip microcannula to give you a naturally younger and more refreshed look, without the need for surgery. Dermal fillers can help to lift... Read Full Answer
Our skin reflects how well our internal organs and systems are functioning. According to TCM, the appearance of dark eye circles under the eyes are usually signs of imbalance within the body. It can be due to 1) Kidney deficiency; 2) Qi ... Read Full Answer
Hi Si Hui  This is a common question asked by many of my patients. There are a few factors to consider when answering this question. 1. The severity of your eyebags. As you are 35 years of age and from your photos it appears that your eyeba... Read Full Answer
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The pigmentation on your lower and upper eyelids is indeed obvious. One of the common causes of this could be due to allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis . It will be good to get them treated if that is what you experience regularly. The pigmentat... Read Full Answer

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Thank you for your question on dark eye circles. I am starting to see increasing numbers of young patients like yourself at my clinic with problems of dark eye circles or eyebags. Indeed, this is a real problem that is not just confined to older p... Read Full Answer