LASIK is eye surgery that corrects nearsightedness by using a laser to reshape the eye's cornea, while cataract surgery replaces a cloudy lens from your eye with an artificial lens to restore clear vision.

Why does my eyes hurt occasionally after doing LASIK?

It could be dry eyes, in which case you could try regular lubricants eg. SYSTANE or OPTIVE eyedrops daily. The dry eyes is temporary and should resolve with time, approximately 3 -4 months post-op.

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LASIK Costs In Singapore: An Eye Doctor Tells All (2020)

Though spectacles and contact lenses can aid in correcting your vision temporarily, nothing beats vision-correcting surgeries such as LASIK. However, the high costs of LASIK procedures may be a huge deterrence to you.

Fret not, in this article, I will walk you through the dense jungle of information required for you to make an informed decision regarding your next LASIK procedure-  

  • How much does LASIK cost
  • The different types of procedures
  • The various payment options, 
  • Useful advice to achieve your desired sight!
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Meet The Expert: Dr Tony Ho, Aesthetic Doctor

Meet Dr Tony Ho, a veteran surgeon in Singapore who performs laser vision correction. He has more than 20 years of experience!

Learn more in this short video about Dr Ho and how his clinic, Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre, offers effective laser vision correction for today's generation.

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The Ultimate Guide to Wavefront-Guided LASIK and LASIK Xtra in Singapore (2020)

Ever heard of 20/20 vision? It is a measurement of visual acuity and it essentially means that you are able to see things clearly at 20 feet (6 metres)- this is what a normal human eye usually sees. 

In this comprehensive article, I share what you can expect with wavefront-guided LASIK and LASIK Xtra, including trends, results, costs, and exciting new advances with the latest iDesign 2.0 wavefront-guided LASIK platform. In my opinion, this iDesign 2.0 will be of great benefit to patients looking to correct their vision.

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How do I know if I'm suitable for LASIK?

At the moment we are doing $5 screening because a lot of patients pay $130 consultation fees just to find out they are unsuitable for LASIK. The main determinant for the LASIK procedure is the thickness of the cornea. Only about 5% may not be suitable for LASIK.

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What is the risk of bladeless LASIK for older adults?

From my experience, the risk of corneal decompensation is the same as young people. If you don’t screen correctly you will allow someone who shouldn’t do LASIK undergo the procedure, you will get in trouble. I think the success rate is exactly the same. You could argue that maybe it’s different if ...

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Is it true that your colleagues in ophthalmology mostly wear contacts and glasses and not opt for Lasik?

There are still eye specialists wearing glasses. There are many specialists that we have done LASIK for but there are still many specialists that are wearing glasses. So I really think it's really a freedom whether you want that lifestyle choice. It is a cosmetic procedure like some people have done their double ...

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I have myopia. Can I go through with myopia surgery?

80% of Singaporeans are myopic, 20% are long-sighted, and about 40% will have astigmatism. Think of it as a 4 in 1 procedure. Not only do you remove cataracts, but you also eliminate and reduce myopia and reduce lao hua all in one procedure. This will leave you entirely spectacle free! These changes will last a ...

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If I have corrected my myopia can I develop lao hua yan (presbyopia)?

If the cornea has sufficient thickness left you can still do some LASIK. Especially if you have not got cataracts because you are still relatively young (around 50 years of age). If the cornea has no more thickness left because of the first LASIK, then you cannot undergo any further LASIK and should get a lens implant.

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What do I need to consider when it comes to Lasik and Cataract Surgery?

Novena Bladeless Cataract Surgery & Eye Specialist Centre offers these services: iLASIK Implantable contact lens Phacoemulsification Cataract surgery Bladeless laser cataract surgery Floaters laser treatment    Screening is important for these conditions: Glaucoma  Cornea ...

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