Can I have LASIK surgery if I had strabismus surgery at a young age and have high astigmatism?

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Hi, whether you will get a good result from LASIK surgery depends on many things, such as the result from your previous strabismus surgery, the type of strabismus, your best possible vision and the presence or absence of amblyopia/lazy eye, and how high your astigmatism is.

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In a best case scenario, for example, if the strabismus surgery was successful and the eyes are straight, with no amblyopia, and the astigmatism is within treatable limits, it would be good to try wearing a pair of contact lenses as a simulation for the effect of LASIK. If vision is good with the contact lenses and there is no obvious squint with the lenses, then LASIK could be considered as a way to reduce the need for spectacles and contact lenses.

Sometimes, if the strabismus becomes apparent with contact lenses, then it would be better not to have the LASIK.

As you can see, it depends. If you are keen to know more about your suitability for LASIK, it would be good to have a comprehensive eye assessment with an eye surgeon who performs refractive surgery.

Thanks so much for your enquiry. Previous strabismus surgery is certainly not a contra-indication to performing refractive surgery now. You should however undergo a comprehensive assessment with your refractive surgeon Ophthalmologist so that you can discuss the most appropriate form of treatment for you in view of your high astigmatism.

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Dr David Chan

"Ophthalmologist with over 20 years of experience"

There are multiple considerations when a surgeon assesses a patient’s suitability for any forms of laser vision correction procedure. Some of which include past surgery done as well as levels and stability of refractive errors and strabismus as you have rightly mentioned so. It would be best to go through a comprehensive pre-laser evaluation during which, all information about your eyes can be collected and from there, your eye surgeon will be in a better position to recommend the surgery type, allowing you to make an informed decision. You should bring along any past records of your strabismus surgery as it would be useful information for the surgeon when ascertaining your suitability for surgery.