Does drinking apple cider vinegar prevent stomach flu?

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Dr Quan Wai Leong

"A specialist in Digestive Health and Advanced Endoscopy"

There are many different dietary recipes both in printed format and online for digestive conditions such as indigestion and stomach flu. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been reportedly used to treat digestive and skin infections predominantly through its antiseptic property among other nutritional benefits. The antiseptic property is believed to be related to the acidic vinegar component present in ACV.

Stomach flu or gastritis can develop after ingestion of either a pathogen or preformed toxins inadvertently. Although the acid present in ACV may help to suppress bacteria growth in the food we take, there is little data to show regular consumption of ACV actually prevents stomach flu since our stomach also produces approximately 1.5 to 2 litres of strong acid on a daily basis for digestive purpose. On the other hand, I am not aware of significant adverse health events in consuming ACV periodically so long as one is not allergic to the ingredients and as it is done in moderation.

So my personal take is go to ahead with taking ACP if you find it useful but do so in moderation and let your common sense prevail.

- Dr Quan

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