How do I get rid of redness and bumps on my face? (photo)

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The bumps on your face are little benign keratotic growths of the skin. These become more numerous with age and sun exposure, and can be very easily removed with an ablative laser. A single session removes them completely, but other growths can still form over the course of your life.

In terms of your skin's sensitivity, a thorough history will be required to determine the nature of your skin's irritation. If the irritation or redness is of recent onset, removal of the likely cause is the solution. Certain lasers, such as the long pulse lasers, can help to reduce redness if due to prominent vessels but can require repeated sessions for good effect. 

Feel free to arrange a consult for a closer discussion and examination of your issues at hand.


There are various cases for skin redness and sensitivity. How long have you been having this issue? It might be skincare products which you could easily avoid by replacing them with the correct ones. It might also be due to medical conditions that are more serious and can only be diagnosed with further evaluation. Do go and get a proper consultation.  

As for the bumps on your face, there are many options available to get rid of them. More importantly, you may want to figure out what triggers it. Try to recall how long have you been having it. Was it related to any skincare product or some skin treatment. Among those patients that i have seen, some are due to harsh product or skin injury from the wrong treatment. The same product/treatment may be causing both the irritation and the bumps on your skin.

By taking into account of the above points, you may be able to improve your skin quality and prevent the recurrence at the same time. 


Dr Elias Tam

From the picture alone, these multiple little pearly-white bumps just under the surface of your skin appear to be milia. They are cysts containing keratin (a type of skin protein), and most commonly arise on the face. Unlike pimples, blackheads or whiteheads, they cannot be "squeezed".

Milia may be removed using an ablative laser. The procedure is relatively quick and simple, and topical anaesthetic cream will be applied. Topical retinoid creams such as Differin may also help due to their keratolytic effect.

For your sensitive skin, I would recommend a long pulse laser such as the Quadrostar ProYellow laser. Its wavelength of 577nm has a very high rate of absorption in red blood cells; this results in a reduction of redness and dilated or broken blood vessels on the face.

I would suggest you seek out a trusted doctor for a formal consultation. In the meantime, do avoid using heavy oil-based eye creams and cosmetic products as these have the potential to block your pores and trap dead skin cells, which may worsen or cause new milia to develop.

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