Where are the scars for breast implants?

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Scars from breast implantation are typically located in 4 areas: in the breast fold (IMF), around the areolar, in the armpit (axillary) and in the umbilicus. Of these, the trans-umbilical route has been largely abandoned by most plastic surgeons today due to its limitations.

In my practice, I find the incision through the lower breast fold most versatile, allowing for the most precise placement of the implant, particularly if you want it below the muscle and not just below the breast. It is also the incision of choice in revision surgeries. I typically use a 3cm incision for tear drop implants below 300cc and 3.5cm for tear drop implants above 300cc. For smooth round implants, I am able to use a 2.5cm incision for less than 300cc and 3cm for above 300cc.

I do not typically use the areolar or the armpit incisions. I find the areolar incision has a higher risk of contamination from bacteria colonising the nipple ducts and also a greater risk of nipple numbness. Armpit incisions tend to be longer due to the further distance from the breast and also harder to hide, particularly if you favour sleeveless tops or are in swimwear.

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The possible scar locations are :

Inframammary - i.e. in the fold beneath the breast. 

The commonest incision used in Singapore. If properly planned and executed, the scar should be very inconspicuous as it is right in the crease. Incision length usually varies with size of implant ( larger = longer incision), implant type ( textured, shaped implants = longer) and surgeon's prerogative (some like longer incisions, some like really tiny incisions).

Axillary - in the armpit. Can be quite discreet as its often placed at the highest point of the hollow in the armpit. The main disadvantage it is more technically challenging to insert shaped (tear drop) implants and remove implants especially if a capsulectomy is required ( and it is often required).

Periareolar - just outside the pigmented areolar skin. If placed properly scar can be quite unnoticeable. Not the first choice placement for most surgeons due to concerns about contamination from bacteria around the breast ducts in and around the nipple.

Transumbilical - incision is at the navel. This is mentioned more for curiosity value cos nobody I am aware of does this here.

Most scars fade and are not very noticeable with time. As a rule, Asian skin types take a little longer for the pigmentation to settle and have higher tendency to bad scarring. Thankfully there are many tools at our disposal now to help achieve a better scar outcome and the scars are generally not noticeable.

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